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Re-design !


Greetings Everyone!

I launched osuplays in 2015 and ever since then we have accumulated over 2000 osu! replays on our youtube channel. This is a huge milestone to achieve.

A new feature that I recently built is the live view. The way it works is that the moment when a replay is uploaded, the script will detect that and process information about the user via the osu! api and osu!plays database. Users will now be able to view players who are in queue waiting for their replay to uploaded and see information about them from both databases.

For anyone who isn’t aware, I also have a discord server which you can join by clicking that blue button from the homepage. It’s pretty chill inside and you can view information about development of the bot and website.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has stuck around these past few years. I’ve decided to give back again by upgrading the website and continuing to run this service for those of you who appreciate it.

I would also like to give new users a warm welcome and I hope you decide to register and start getting those awesome replays up!

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Serecola has uploaded Serecola - HoneyWorks - Akatsuki Zukuyo [Taeyangs Extra] (2020-07-11) Osu.osr

MyAngelAku has uploaded MyAngelAku - Primastella - Koigokoro [Delis Insane] (2020-07-09) Osu.osr

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